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Musings & Meditation

Is a reflective meditation gathering. This session assists in relaxing the body and the mind through awareness of the breath and practice of meditation postures. Some pranayama and restorative postures may be utilized as well as other subtle body gestures such as mudras (hand positions), mantra (sacred voice), bandhas (energetic locks), and more. As you relax in meditation, the instructor will muse upon an inspirational quote, poem, or idea. Yoga philosophy and insight into self-inquiry will be a recurring topic. Feel free to sit with your eyes closed, take notes or write in a journal, or participate by writing in the comments section of the video.

Yin Yoga

The term yin means passive. In this class you will focus on remaining still rather than flowing through them. Each posture is held for a few minutes to create a deep and lasting stretch. This class is great for beginners and a good compliment to a more active practice for intermediate and advanced students. Excellent for runners and athletes.

Deep Stretch

We will begin with a gentle, warming flow followed by long and deep stretches. Recommended for all levels, including beginners.


Great for beginners to advanced yogis! Join us to experience Guided Breathwork & Visualization Meditation. You will be led to form relaxing mental images while incorporating your senses. Moving Meditation deeply inspired by Tai Chi = Martial Qigong is a regular offering! The feeling of peace and balance that meditation provides benefits your emotional well-being and your overall health. The blessings continue after you have finished meditating. Some research suggests that meditation may help the following conditions: insomnia, anxiety disorders, binge eating, depression, fatigue, high blood pressure, physical and emotional pain, substance abuse, asthma, heart disease, cancer, and allergies. 


Ashtanga Foundations

This class is a great way to ease into the practice of Ashtanga. Come explore the therapeutic benefits of the systematic style. This traditional method is made accessible to all. Beginners encouraged.

Foundational Yoga

This is a great class for beginners to learn the basics of the yoga postures. Get a good stretch, build strength, and gain confidence. This class also includes moments of rest and awareness of the breath. Intermediate and advanced students encouraged to deepen their practice here.

Vinyasa 1

The term vinyasa means to move from one yoga posture to the next with the coordination of the breath. It is a broad term that describes a flow-based practice. It increases flexibility, builds strength, improves circulation, and nourishes the heart and mind.

Vinyasa 1 is recommended for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.



Tea + Merriment

Bring a beverage of your choice and join us virtually for community sharing. Yoga stories, oracle cards, and contemplation on the menu!

Mat Chat

Jump on your mat a little early and connect virtually with your yoga community! We will meet via ZOOM thirty minutes before class, just to see each other and have a quick chat. No need to be there for the whole 30 minutes. Pop in quickly just to say hi! 

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