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Musings + Meditation

Is a reflective meditation gathering offered on the 3rd Monday each month. This session assists in relaxing the body and the mind through awareness of the breath and practice of meditation postures. Some pranayama and restorative postures may be utilized as well as other subtle body gestures such as mudras (hand positions), mantra (sacred voice), bandhas (energetic locks), and more. As you relax in meditation, the instructor will muse upon an inspirational quote, poem, or idea. Yoga philosophy and insight into self-inquiry will be a recurring topic. Feel free to sit with your eyes closed, take notes or write in a journal.

Yoga Nidra

Often referred to as Yogic Sleep but a more apt description is a stateless state of mind. Many practitioners of Yoga seek to extend that momentary experience of meditation - to bridge the gap between Dhyana and Samadhi. The art and practice of the Yoga Nidra philosophy is the missing link. The practice allows us to achieve the deepest states of a consolidated mind. 


What to expect? Each class will begin with a gentle pre-practice to prepare the body for stillness followed by a guided practice that might feel like a combination of shavasana and meditation. One of the many benefits is a very deep relaxation. It's not uncommon for people to fall asleep in this practice! And we welcome that! The beauty of being in your home space is that if you do drift off, your nap doesn't have to be disrupted. It's truly a decadent practice for resting the body and mind. 

Yin + Meditation

We will focus on remaining still rather than flowing on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th Wednesday monthly. Each posture will be held for three to five minutes to experience the deepest stretch of our fascia, connective tissues. Undesirable tension gets stored in our fascia and presents as pain and disease within the body. During Yin we will begin the process of relaxing and releasing this tension, pain, and thus disease. This class is great for beginners and a good compliment to a more active practice for intermediate and advanced students. Excellent for runners and athletes.


Guided Breathwork & Visualization Meditation will be infused into this offering to begin relaxing and releasing the tension, pain, and disease residing within the mind. You will be led to form relaxing mental images while incorporating your senses. The feeling of peace and balance that meditation provides benefits our emotional well-being and overall health. The blessings continue after meditation concludes. Some research suggests that meditation may help the following conditions: insomnia, anxiety disorders, binge eating, depression, fatigue, high blood pressure, physical and emotional pain, substance abuse, asthma, heart disease, cancer, and allergies.


Welcoming beginners to advanced yogis!  


Ashtanga Flow

A great class for beginners and long-time practitioners alike, this class explores the systematic practice of the Ashtanga Primary Series. Called "Yoga Chikitsa," or "yoga therapy," the primary series is meant to move stagnant energy, develop strength, increase flexibility, and through repetitive movement allow the mind to fall into a moving meditation. We will explore different pieces of the series in each class, so the pattern of movements and postures will become familiar while still offering the opportunity to challenge yourself and grow your practice each time you're on your mat. Yogis of all levels welcome!

Foundational Yoga

This is a great class for beginners to learn the basics of the yoga postures. Get a good stretch, build strength, and gain confidence. This class also includes moments of rest and awareness of the breath. Intermediate and advanced students encouraged to deepen their practice here.


The term vinyasa means to move from one yoga posture to the next with the coordination of the breath. It is a broad term that describes a flow-based practice. It increases flexibility, builds strength, improves circulation, and nourishes the heart and mind.

Vinyasa is recommended for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.


Cheers + Merriment

Join our beautiful community in a private video chat session! Come equipt with your tasty beverage and anything you desire to share with our tribe. We always love to know what’s giving you joy and what you need most to ensure you have our full support! 

*Mainly offered LIVE. On occasion an on-demand experience is provided. To never miss the conversation, join LIVE STREAM!

Mat Chat

Jump on your mat a little early and connect virtually with your yoga community! 

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