Mantra: Paths are many. Truth is ONE

My name is Michelle Mason. I’ve been a member of Sage Yoga for almost two years and I love it. It’s because I’ve received so much from our Virtual Studio that I want to pay it forward.

Yoga is such an individual journey but the magic doesn’t happen alone. I have gained so much from Sage, and I want to sponsor someone to help build our community.

I’d always heard that ten minutes of Yoga a day was *better* than a one hour class per week. It turns out that is true for me, but I didn’t develop a regular yoga practice until the Covid-19 quarantine began in early 2020. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done that without the Sage Yoga Virtual Studio, teachers, library and community.

As an active member of Sage Yoga, I know I have quality teachers who share their own journey. They care about me as a person, and help me honor my physical limitations and offer modifications which work for me. I am valued. They encourage me and are a real part of my yoga journey, despite our virtual presence.

Because of Sage Yoga, my life is better. Yoga helps me do hard things, on and off the mat. I want that for others, and that’s the magic.


Sharing my current mantra: